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Test your concentration skills with these puzzle games. The better you get the hard the level becomes.

How to Play

Simply click on the game image of your choice to start playing your chosen game. Some of the games will open in a new window and some are within this website.

Kenan and Kel: Match Master Kenan and Kel: Match Master

Flip the cards to match the K & K crew!
Kenan and Kel: SliderKenan and Kel: Slider

Help! The boys are even more mixed up than usual!

Cbeebies: Mamamirabelle Cbeebies: Mamamirabelle

Click the matching picture using your mouse or spacebar.
Free The Pharaoh Free The Pharaoh

The pharoah's coffin must be moved! Use the mouse to shift the sarcophogi. Each sarcophagus can only move lengthwise. Shift the other sarcophogi out of the way so that the red sarcophagus can get out the exit.
Cousin Skeeter: Match Master Cousin Skeeter: Match Master

You'll FLIP over this "Cousin Skeeter" game!
True Jackson: Jewel Jumble True Jackson: Jewel Jumble

This "True Jackson" puzzle game's a real gem! Play now!
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