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Test your dance step skills with these funky moving games. The better you get the hard the steps becomes, can you dance your way to the top?

How to Play

Simply click on the game image of your choice to start playing your chosen game. Some of the games will open in a new window and some are within this website.

Music and Dance: Honey's got Flava Music and Dance: Honey's got Flava

Bust some moves with this great dance game. Press the correct cursor keys as they scroll down the screen and flash in the red box.
Dance: Balamory - Dance-athon Dance: Balamory - Dance-athon

Start dancing with the Balamory crew. Help Archie copy Josie's dance moves by clicking on the correct move.

Music and Dance: Hip Hop Don't Stop Music and Dance: Hip Hop Don't Stop

Hip Hop Don't Stop: Press the arrow keys to in the correct order to get the dancing going. Speeds up later on.
Balamory: Balamory - Copy Spencer Balamory: Balamory - Copy Spencer

Play along with Spencer. Copy the rhythm that Spencer plays by clicking on each instrument.

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