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I have a 5 yr old son who loves to play games online. Most games have a learning element to them, whether the player realises or not. It's just that the websites that provide games for the younger generation are more likely to let you as the grown up know what your child will be using. The more information they give to a parent the more comfortable a parent will be on letting their child plays their games and that means you or your child will go back to the same website again and again.

I am a web entrepreneur and vector graphic designer. Always having a computer around the house, my son has grown up seeing my computer as normality like seeing our sofa and TV. From the age of 3 he introduced himself to computer life. Which really meant talking to the computer thinking it would talk back; anyway I started him on simple games and activities. Once he got his head around point and click it was all over.

For a while he has played games that I mentioned above. However over time I have become increasing frustrated at the lack of games that feature a black character or have a cultural theme. The games he plays are fine, fun and eductaional however I would love to also have the option to have games that feature characters that he can identify with. As there are thousands upon thousands of games online but only a small amount that reflect black themes and characters.

I figured that since he enjoys playing and learning it would be great to actually find games that offered that black element, for it would be very beneficial for him and other black children to see and experience. It’s ok learning about our history (black history), however our children need to see reflections of themselves in the normal paths of life and games is one of those ways to introduce it. It’s just a shame the developers of games don’t think like that. It’s all about the profit and the mass ablity (is that) of the game. I assume to the developers the more youeven a word niche a game the less of an audience will be interested. However saying that, we have seen games that feature cartoon movies characters like Dora, who is a Hispanic girl who speaks both English and Spanish and lives in a fantasy world and Lilo and Stitch, Lilo which is a lonely Hawaiian girl who adopts a stranded alien dog called stitch from space. Even though these are children’s cartoons they are loved by all the family of any race. That has then helped produced many games featuring these cute characters. This must show that having characters of other races can benefit and educate all races in a fun way at the same time, but this is just my opinion.

Anyway, as I was saying I would love to have games for my son that featured black characters within the game. I thought these games must be out there somewhere on the internet, I may just be missing something or not looking hard enough. This is where the idea for this blog came from. I decided to create an area where my son and other black children could play, learn and hopefully enjoy games that reflected them.

So my search is on for finding all the black online games out there on the internet and brings them all here for our kids to enjoy.

I hope to make this the one stop place for all black games online. Plus with them all in one place you and your kids won’t have to search, for the hard work has been done already.

By the way if you happen to come across any black games that are not here let me know and I will add it to the list.

Happy Gaming kids (and grown ups shhh...)

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